Saturday, May 14, 2011

Polymer Clay Workshop

Last weekend I had the fortunate experience to meet a fellow Etsian from one of my Etsy groups who also, coincidentally, got booked to come to my little home town to teach a polymer clay workshop! It was super fun and I'm glad I went, as I learned a whole lot!

You can find her here at
Thanks Elaine!!

Here are some photos of my new creations (and some of Elaine's which she kindly gave to us; such as the rose and the green leaf).

The batch!
 All baked and ready for jewellery making! :)

My sunflower green beads.
I made some blue ones too.
 Elaine made the rose cane and I made a few lovely beads with them.

My sunflower cane beads:

My purple and pink beads: 
(yes, I am obviously a girly girl, hehe)

Pink polymer clay beads: 

Some beautiful pendants my little girl made!

Some roses:

Some pretty flowers:

Can't forget butterflies! :)

My little girl making cup pendants...she's so talented!!! :)

A few colourful pendants that I made.
And also a big, crazy pendant that Brooklyn made (looks kinda like a seahorse)!
I think she's budding into a little artist!! :)

All in all, an uber fantastic workshop!!
Can't wait to learn more!!

Happy weekend!

Friday, May 13, 2011


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Thursday, May 12, 2011


Hey all you wonderful folks!

Just to let you know, 
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and thanks for your support 
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