Friday, March 18, 2011

New work: beaded necklaces!!

Allo mes amies!

I'm hailing my French ancestors today! ;P

So I finally got some beading wire in the mail! I've been waiting FOREVER for that stuff! And then I kinda went on a beading frenzy, hehehe! I made a few necklaces that are very, very colourful and a few others that are a bit more toned down but still crazy full of glamour. Or so I think.

I do miss wire wrapping though. My first necklaces were wire wrapped and I love the actual process that goes into it and how relaxing it is. I will definitely be coming back to that whenever my new wire gets in! One thing I have been obviously annoyed with about is the shipping times of ordering supplies. I am learning quite fast that I need to order in bulk and not just 10 feet here or 30 feet there. And that I need to do my own oxidizing. I will be doing some of this on the weekend. I love the antique-ish look of silver metal! It's so warm and inviting!!

I don't really know what I'll be creating this weekend...the past few weeks has been TRĂˆS stressful but now I can hopefully tone down that stress a bit since I finally have some answers to some serious life issues (that's always nice!). So I may feel like earrings or more necklaces....oh, but can't forget about bracelets...hmmm....oh, this is going to be fun!!

And did I mention that spring has FINALLY arrived up here in the good ol' North??!!!!!! There is still a TONNE of snow out there but the temperatures are finally creeping and staying within single digits!!! I am sooooooo flippin' happy!!!!!! You can tell spring is arriving finally when people are smiling once's very nice to see after months of frowning faces... heheheh

I will be posting pictures later!
And working on my flickr page!

Bonjour, good day friends!

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