Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pictures of local beadwork and my beaded necklaces

Here is my new journal cover made by a local lady friend! 
Her beadwork is absolutely beautiful! 
Don't forget to support your local talent!
I love grabbing my journal when I go to write in it!
It's super gorgeous!

Here are some pictures of what I worked on this week:

Double tier beaded white freshwater pearl necklace with handmade wire wrapped flower pendant.
There is nothing plastic or acrylic about these pieces...

Yummy yellow jade beaded necklace with a few outstanding red embellishes:

Dark pink/fushia mountain jade beaded necklace with a few bright yellow embellishes:

Pretty black beaded necklace with amazonite blue carved leaf pendant.
Bad picture but I'll put up some new ones when I get a minute:


  1. I love love love that pearl necklace! How utterly ladylike and feminine!?
    Gorgeous work Vita :-)

  2. Thanks so much Jaime!! It's my fave too!!! :)