Thursday, March 3, 2011

Welcome to CrashingBison!

WELCOME to my fresh new blog, CrashingBison!!

This blog is named aptly after my newly opened jewelry store, CrashingBison, in which I make unique, handmade wire wrapped & gemstone beaded jewelry!

If you're not familiar with me or my previous blog, here is a little bit (more) about me:
I am a full-time working mom in the far Canadian North. I have two young, wonderful children, a fantastic, supportive husband and a special love affair with jewelry. Since having kids, I have found that I've become quite the artsy type...this was after 27 or so years of never being or thinking I was the artsy type, AT ALL. By trade, I'm a scientist. The total analytical & methodological thinking type. It must have been the hormones or just the growing up part of being a mom that made me "see the light". It's like I've re-discovered a new self-worth and also found out, after all these years of thinking it was critical, that a career or a regular day job is really not the "Be-All, End-All" in life.

Basically, this creative side took me over when I finally became a mom, 4 and a half years ago with the birth of my baby girl, Brooklyn. Since becoming a mommy (which has proved to be the best job a lady can truly ask for) and finding this new side to me, I've lovingly discovered an addiction to jewelry and to Etsy. Then came the addiction to painting & drawing and now I'm in love with designing and creating jewelry. I sound like I'm taking this lightly. But really, it's been a process over many years and I only see that now. In all honesty, I'm really not sure where this new journey will take me but I'm happy to ride along with what I feel is fun, good and fits right in with my soul. And I hope you decide to come along for the ride with me....

Because it's like I've seen a new dawn... 
A new day amongst the thick tree-tops.

About my work and current pieces: 
I absolutely LOVE color and classic styles with hints of femininity...or whole chunks! My pieces are mostly limited edition or one of a kind (OOAK). And each and every one of them are made with Color, Light & Love!

So stay tuned because I've got more to come!


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