Saturday, June 18, 2011

Creating & waiting.

So I've made a few more pieces but I'm waiting for some bezel setting tools to arrive in the mail so that I can set the stones in their bezels. However, Canada Post is taking a long, lovely strike, so alas, I have to wait a little longer. In the meantime, I've still got a bit of sawing, filing, oxidizing and polishing to do! But I'm having the time of my life and learning so much new things!! :)

 Also some pieces (the yellow in the corner) did not turn out.
The bezel wall is too short for the stone so (DOH!).
I'm just learning as I go!
Now to figure out what to do with it! 
But that's also the fun of it! :)

Also my Teepee 
with a paisley vintage button moon:

Inspired by my hometown 
and the upcoming
Aboriginal Day on Tuesday 
which encouraged me to get it started! :)
This was one of my first sketches from 2 months ago! 
I'm so proud to see it come to fruition!
Just need to finish the grass and sawing, filing etc.

All of these pieces need a little extra love and care 
but hopefully I will finish them all soon!

I do hope everybody has a 
wonderful, wonderful weekend!!


  1. Vita,

    This is such an exciting endeavor! You are doing great :) Soak up every moment!


  2. How fun! I love how you're layering materials and using textures in your new work. You're doing great in your new endeavors!!!

  3. Those are looking great...looks like you are certainly enjoying it.

  4. Thank you ladies! I missed 1 more round pendant that needs the glass cab set! But it's all definitely been an enjoyable learning process thus far!! :)

  5. It looks like you are having fun and that is what it's all about! Can't wait to see them finished. Hope your package arrives soon!

  6. Oh can't wait to see them finished!!

  7. Thanks for the metal love, my friends!! xx

  8. Holy smokes, where have I BEEN???? Look at you go. :)