Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Been busy.

I guess I needed a break. 
I have been a bit overwhelmed with life, as of lately. 
Lots of good stuff though. 
Lots of crazy, mind-numbing stuff too. 

Spring arrived and so did spring-cleaning, 
lots of outdoor activities with the kids, 
playing with new tools 
and experimenting with working on metal a bit 
(it's totally RAD!!!), 
and contemplating life; 
the good, 
the bad 
and the ugly. 

Trying to focus on the good stuff 
and clear up the ugly parts. 
Ignoring the bad because really... 
life is too good anyway. 

I do have a few pictures to post. 
Pictures of a Northern spring life, nature, kids, 
new metal jewellery that I made. 

Soon, soon! :)
I'm here today, 
so I'm sure I"ll be 
"on the ball" tomorrow. ;)

Hope everyone is enjoying spring!!
Summer is nearly here!!! 
I'm currently loving my flip-flops!!!

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