Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whilst I wait...

...Whilst I wait for my mail and consequently my new tools...
(I feel like I've been on hold, forever!!! Oh wait, I have been!)

Here are some photos 
of summer in Northern Canada.
We do not have any holidays this summer.
But I honestly could care less!
This is THE BEST place to be! :)
I loooove summers in the North!!

The start: a little yard fixin'...
removing 2 huge stumps that have been there for 6 years.

Other yard stuff's.

Halfway done.
Baby boy wants to help his daddy work :o)

Diggin' up our roots and a big black,
extremely old tube-like surrounding.

Braedyn wants to dig like dad! 

The kiddos!

And what is a summer without bubbles??!! :)

My little man being a huge cutie-pie!

My main man.
Just before he chainsawed that root up!

Making some din-din, are we?!

Sand-flavoured salad, anyone?

The results!

My little artist!!

This Brooklyn Hoyles masterpiece 
now hangs proudly on my wall!
Isn't it brilliant!!

My little guy playing with his sister's brush.
So busy and sooo cute!


  1. Wow they are both getting so big! Seeing your little guy "digging" totally brought back memories of my brother following my dad around with the lawn mower lol.

  2. Hello there! Long time! Your son is so big now! Is that circular thing a root? If so your hubby has a ton of patience :-)
    Loving your new work, and I often wear your red necklace from your shop, I get lots of compliments Miss Sweeta Vee

  3. Hiii Jaime! Awww, heheh, gotta love memories, hey!! <3

    Hello Care!! :D
    Yes it is 2 big roots! My husband has A LOT of patience! That, I can attest to! LOL! Awww, you're so sweet Care! I haven't been around much! Decided to finish my thesis this year! And then it's on making more pretty things!! Hope you are doing fabulous!!! xxooxxoo