Saturday, April 9, 2011

Beaded Black Asymmetrical Necklace

Here is a new necklace I worked on recently. 
It's bold, it's black and it's super elegant!

Thinking about working on a few other varieties...different colours.
Think you can handle that?! ;)
I just have to get to it, is all.
I seem to work in spurts.

I am soooo happy that spring has arrived!!
I could almost feel the new life blooming underneath all the remaining snow.
I just *know* there are some little seeds sprouting under there...
The snow must be like a warm blanket during this time of year, 
a perfect cover for an unsuspecting, sprouting little seed.
Brooklyn and I will be replanting her (huge!) cucumber seedlings this weekend. 
They have already grown SO big since she planted them two weekends ago!
She's super excited and I'm always so happy to see a smile on her face!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!!


  1. LOVE this Vita! I could think of so many outfits that would be complete with this necklace!

  2. Thanks Jaime!! It's a good solid necklace! And, yes, you're right! It would go with a lot of outfits!!! :)