Thursday, April 14, 2011

Roses are red...

....violets are blue.
These rose earrings were made,
Just for YOU!!

I took these photos just after 7pm!
7:00 pm at night.
Just after my baby's bedtime. 

I missed out on photos at lunch today, 
so was pleasantly surprised 
when baby boy went to bed 
and I still had the sun shining in on my kitchen table
(directly on it, in fact)!

The photos still have a little yellowish tinge to them
considering the sun angle and resulting shadows, 
but still not bad!

I never, ever thought that the plentiful 
spring and summer daylight hours up here 
would be to my advantage 
(well, except during those days as a teenager 
that I walked home at 4am! hahah!). 

But now that I have 2 young bébés.....
daylight is not on my side...
My 4 year old is too smart for her own good, 
and asks quite defyingly 
(and logically, I might add): 
"Why is it bedtime?????
The sun in still out and shining!" 

Good question kid....
There is a reason. 
But you don't need to know until you're 8! 
Now GET to bed!! 
hee hee ha haa!


I did some mental math....
(via my memory from those past 4 am summer mornings) 
And I figured out that by the summer solstice, 
I should be able to reproduce similar pictures 
(a la above)
of my goodies at nearly MIDNIGHT! 
And I may just make an experiment out of it!
So stay tuned.... :)

Ahh, the Land of the Living Sun! 
Well nearly...

besides the Northern Lights,
is one of those many things 
that I absolutely love about
living in the North!!

In any case, 
these lovely, little red rose stud earrings 
shall be posted online and up for grabs
sometime tomorrow.

Enjoy your Thursday evening!


  1. Super sweet!
    Have a great weekend Vita!

  2. The are so sweet! Like little candy!

  3. i, too, love that special time of perfect sunlight when it streams unto my old oak table...that photo of you expresses it's BEAUTIFUL, as are you!

  4. Thanks Tess! We had a busy, fun weekend full of baby showers and birthday parties!! phew! lol

    Jaunebleu, thanks so much and I agree! teehee! Had to keep a pair for myself! ;)

    Yes, isn't it such a wonderful feeling, Nancy! That long streaming sunshine after such a long winter!! And, awee, shucks! Thanks! :)

  5. lovely, lovely.

    and truly, you are a beauty!

    sun till midnight ?!?
    how lucky to have slow moving summer sun to look forward to ...

  6. Thank you Lorena!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)
    Yes, the midnight sun...or near it really just doesn't get dark in the summers! But the winters are drearily dark, dark! Only a few hours of sun! A trade-off, if you will! But, yes, the summer is VERY refreshing!!! :)