Tuesday, April 5, 2011


People are amazing. 
Really and truly. 

I am astounded by the acts of kindness 
everyday that many people do.
And not for anything in return.
Okay, well maybe for a smile...


What can you do to "carry it forward"?

Brighten up someone's day 
and be that amazing person to someone.

Open a door, 
buy a coffee, 
help to pick up a fallen book, 
give your warm jacket to a shelter.

It all adds up.
The smiles I mean.
And the contentedness in your heart.


  1. So VERY true! This is why I have always believed in the power of genuine compliment. It costs nothing monetarily to give away, and but the reward of knowing you put a smile on someone's face? Put a boost in their step?
    Totally priceless.

    It's amazing how infectious a simple "Wow you wear that colour so well" or "did you get your hair done? It looks fabulous" does for a person!

  2. I totally agree Jaime! I will have to boost up my compliments as I usually really enjoy complimenting other people too...but have been slacking in that area lately! ;)