Friday, April 29, 2011

A day in the life...

Just wonderin' if I'm the only one
who makes CHEEKY babies???
Must be in the genes...!!!


Excuse me...

Those are mine...
 When I'm 80 or 90, 
you can have them...

And well.... 

Who doesn't love 
a good hairbrushing....???

Dude thinks 
he's a Harley rider.

Cute and dangerously cuddly.
(just don't touch the slobbery drool bib and you'll be ok...)

How a 4 year old 
and her 1 year old brother play:
 Must have been "toque day"?
Oh, but don't forget your mitts!!
...Or, rather, boot gloves....




I know what you're thinking....
Too many kid pics.
But just be glad I didn't post 
baby's PC... 
(Plumber's Crack)
I think I'll save that one 
for his wedding day...

And this post isn't called
"A day in the life..."
for nothing...


  1. I love posts like this Vita! My life is so boring, I don't have cute and adorable children to take pictures of!

  2. No, definitely not .... I have the cheekiest children EVER and the most stubborn!!! Isabella does exactly the same, she's only 3 but she's ever so slightly obsessed with my jewellery, stones ... anything she can get her hands on and hide away:)

  3. Jaime, I'm glad you enjoyed it! hehe! Sometimes, though, the thrill and excitement are anything but and I just want to bury my head in my pillow and stay there for 4 days

    Lenita, aren't cheeky kids just the best! Makes those pillow-seeking days fly by faster, hehe. I can just imagine your Isabella in YOUR jewellery & stones!!! Fun times!! lol

  4. Adorable this post made me chuckle. You're in good company over there.
    Happy Mothers Day!!